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WOOPIT Prepaid Mobile Top-up Terminal

The Woopit Prepaid Mobile Top Up Terminal provides a Convenient, Easy & Fun way for mobile users to top up their prepaid mobile credit at anytime & anywhere ! Let's Woopit-up !


We also provide International Airtime Transfer. You could enjoy the power of instant top-up to 10 countries's prepaid mobile users in a secured, fast and convenient mode.


- User friendly kiosk

- Top up as low as RM3

- Environmental friendly

- Instant top up

- Instant top up confirmation via SMS

- Secure enclosure with remote management

- Accept cash both coins or notes

- Services available 24 hours, 7 days

Mobile Prepaid Top-up

Now you can top-up your prepaid credits conveniently at any Woopit Prepaid Top-up Terminal. Whether you are a Hotlink, Digi, Celcom, U Mobile, TuneTalk, Merchantrade & iTel customer, you can simply top-up your prepaid credits in 6 easy steps, anytime.Do it yourself, anytime you need credits at any Woopit Prepaid Top-up Terminal and receive the credits instantly, automatically. You can even send credits to any mobile number via Woopit Prepaid Top-up Terminal.


6 simple & easy steps:-

1. Select Language

2. Select Mobile Network

3. Select Top-up Amount

4. Key in Mobile Number

5. Insert Note/Coin

6. Received Confirmation SMS


Below are some of the top-up services that are currently available with Woopit Prepaid Top-up Terminal.

Mobile Prapaid Top-up

International Airtime Transfer

An international airtime transfer service that enables prepaid mobile customers to send credit to friends, family and loved ones abroad. With this service, foreign workers or expats living overseas can now share their prepaid airtime with their friends and family back home on prepaid phones. Transfer is instant, easy and secure. Both sender and receiver are notified with SMS immediately.


Below are the countries that are currently available with Woopit Prepaid Top-up Terminal.

International Airtime Transfer

Why should you invest in Woopit?
24 hours

24 hours, 7 days

Woopit Terminal is designed to work 24 hours, every day. Equipped with built-in battery - ready for any power interruption.

SMB Recognition Award Series 2005 - SMB Phoenix Award

100% Daily Cash Collection

The collection of Woopit Terminal is 100% cash in notes and coins.

Product Insurance Coverage

Product Insurance Coverage

Woopit Terminal has insurance coverage include vandalism and burglary which put the woopit owners' mind at ease.

No Office Rental & Administration Expenses

No Office Rental & Administration Expenses

Woopit Terminal is very portable and can be placed at almost anywhere.

No Experience Required

No Experience Required

Woopit Terminal is very easy to operate with online monitoring via web-based management system. Training will be provided to woopit owners.

Relocation Services

Relocation Services

We offer relocation services to woopit owners upon request.

For more information, please visit www.woopit.com.my