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Incorporated in 1997, J&C Pacific Sd. Bhd. (427687-V) is one of Malaysia's leading Applications Service Provider (ASP) and widely recognised as one of the most innovative and successful SMI companies in Malaysia. J & C Pacific obtained its ASP License in 2002 and its achievements since has been nothing short of being trail blazing.


Granted by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) as a licensed nationwide application service provider (License No. ASP(C) 67/2007), J & C Pacific for:


. PSTN Telephone Service
. IP Telephone Service
. Public Cellular Telephone Service
. Public Payphone Service
. Public Switched Data Service


J & C Pacific Sdn Bhd has invested over millions of ringgit in equipments, system upgrades, network integrations and customer support services. J & C Pacific specialises in providing value added telecommunication solutions and services to various industries and market segments. J & C Pacific has a proven track record with clients ranging from financial institutions, government departments, hotels, public listed companies to residential and home users.