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Golden Bull Award 2010 - 100 Oustanding SMEs

Golden Bull Award 2010

(100 Oustanding SMEs)

SMB Recognition Award Series 2005 - SMB Phoenix Award

SMB Recognition Award Series 2005

(SMB Phoenix Award)

This award is bestowed on non-listed SMBs recovering strongly from a major corporate or financial crisis or setback.

Golden Bull Award 2005 - Outstanding SMEs TOP 10

Golden Bull Award 2005

(Outstanding SMEs TOP 10)

The Malaysia Book of Records

The Malaysia Book of Records

December, 2004 - J & C Pacific Sdn Bhd is the partner of Star Planet Sdn Bhd and awarded "The Malaysia Book of Record" in providing the service for "First Concert Ticket Purchased Via SMS" for the Da Ma Cai Alan Tam & Hacken Lee Concert.

Celebrating Malaysia's Enterprising Spirit

Celebrating Malaysia's Enterprising Spirit

Quatitative indicators include operating profit before tax, groos turnover, growth in operating profits, investments in Capital/ Traning and Research & Development and etc. Qualitative indicators include management outlook, major innovations, market presence, extent of information technology usage and etc.